Care Instructions

929 pieces are delicate and with proper care can last long. The life of any jewelry piece is extended with proper care. We offer demi-fine and premium fashion jewelry pieces. Be sure to read the description of each item you wish to purchase as each piece may fall into different categories. 

*demi-fine jewelry: pieces are either sterling silver, gold-plated, or gold filled. Most base metals are brass.

*premium fashion jewelry: pieces are made from alloyed metals, acrylic, or resin

All jewelry posts are made with surgical steel.


How do I take care of my 929 pieces?

To ensure the best life of your jewelry:

  • Avoid moisture and liquids (water, sweat, perfume, lotions etc)
  • Please remove jewelry before exercising.
  • Store in a safe dark space away from interaction with other jewelry pieces 
  • All jewelry comes with an anti-tarnish strip to ensure the best storage. These anti-tarnish paper strips protect metals from tarnishing by absorbing sulphides and other pollutants in the air which cause tarnishing to occur.
  • Be gentle and handle with care. Take jewelry off before going to bed.
  • All jewelry comes with a microfiber jewelry cloth. Please be sure to gently wipe your jewelry before storing it away for the night. 
  • We recommend rotating your 929 pieces to give them all the proper shine and rest they need.

Unfortunately, body chemistry as well as external environments effect longevity overtime on any jewelry that is not solid gold.

page last updated April 6, 2021